Agence de Conseil en entreprise, Riskeal, nos valeurs


PRAGMATISM : depending upon your business, your context, your history, your business size and internal organization, RISKEAL will identify with you the best operational approach to be implemented for the greatest efficiency and impact : training sessions, audit/consulting activities, risk coaching, part time risk management…all based on your own priorities, constraints and needs. No standard solution, no action out of your context. A pragmatic approach, with complete cost visibility starting Day One.

EFFICIENCY : Tools, methodologies and action plans exclusively created and implemented by RISKEAL are by nature efficiency-oriented. Optimal solution studies, cost effective solutions, RISKEAL answers and actions are full of common sense, dedicated to your own context and risk issues. No “no-limit” consulting fees, no boring training sessions, no risk gurus…

CONFIDENTIALITY : All information given to RISKEAL experts will be for internal and confidential use, as will be RISKEAL solutions implemented. A Confidentiallity Agreement will be signed between parties to ensure full security to any sensitive data or decisions shared during RISKEAL presence.

CONCRETE RESULTS : Each action and concrete results will be documented and cost effectiveness proven. Risk Costs to be controlled, reduced or eliminated will be factually established.

An Expert Team at your service

RISKEAL experts are selected for their professionalism, risk management expertise, complete adaptability and flexibility and their ability to solve complex issues. Permanent efficiency and cost-effective-solutions are the driving forces behind team actions.